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Posted By: wysiwyg
07-May-01 - 01:52 AM
Thread Name: Irish sergeant's Civil War Songbook
Subject: RE: Irish sergeant's Civil War Songbook
Well, Kat, I am looking at my copy. I believe it is a print of the manuscript he is attempting to find a publisher to print and distribute. But it's too good to wait for all that!

The songs have been culled/researchd from a variety of sources. The Introduction includes this: "I have tried to put songs representing as many facets of the Civil War as possible. It is intended as first and foremost a songbook. Secondly, it is a brief glimpse into the horror and majesty that was the American Civil War."

More than 30 songs, words and chords, with an introductory paragraph for each. I hope he will distribute it privately if a publisher is not found right away. We did only a third of them Friday night-- they are the kind I love with LOTS of verses, so we could not get them all in. And I want to learn them all! But I would have to be able to hear them... and so I hope he will make a tape to package with the printed material.

Now if he would do a CatConcert or two and tape them... hmmm...

Irish, I REALLY LIKE your songbook!