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Posted By: Bob Schwarer
13-Apr-97 - 01:09 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Diggy Liggy Lo
Subject: Lyr Add: DIGGY LIGGY LO (Savoy/Doucet Cajun Band)
I'll post them here for everyone, although this probably not the version you want. This one comes from Savoy/Doucet Cajun Band CD "Two Step d'Amede.

C'est ma soeur, Diggy Liggy La
Elle s'est mariee avec Diggy Liggy Lo
Pour rester dans le village.
Diggy Liggy Lo et Diggy Liggy La.

Diggy Liggy Lo 'trappe Po Po,
Diggy Liggy La tombe sur le plombeau,
Pour s'en va tout par tout,
Diggy Liggy Lo et Diggy Liggy La.

Diggy Liggy La is my sister,
She married Diggy Liggy Lo,
So she could live in town,
Diggy Liggy LO and Diggy Liggy La.

Diggy Liggy Lo catches Po Po the horse,
Diggy Liggy La falls on the saddle horn,
To go ride around everywhere,
Diggy Liggy Lo and Digy Liggy La.

You really need to hear this sung by Ann Savoy.

The one you want is probably the Doug Kershaw version.

I don't have the energy to transcribe it now, but tomorrow is another day(if I can find the record). Maybe someone else will oblige

Bob S.