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Posted By: Jim Krause
08-May-01 - 03:18 PM
Thread Name: That MUSIC Itch: When Ya 'Just GOTTA!'
Subject: RE: That MUSIC Itch: When Ya 'Just GOTTA!'
WYS--I have this love/hate relationship with writing. There are times when I can toss something off with ease, then come back and edit and rewrite it with no difficulty, and turn out something that I'd be pretty proud to sing for an audience.

Then there are the times when the process is more like coming down with a bad case of the flu; when you're so sick you feel like you could die, but are afraid you won't. And you just have to barf. Sometimes songwriting is like that, barfing. That's when I hate it. But when you recover, and start the editing and rewriting, you don't feel so bad anymore. Then you can go out, and present what felt like sickness to the world. Hopefully you won't embarrass yourself. Hopefully that festering, sickening feeling meant that there was really something worth all that fermentation and emotional nausea.