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Thread Name: BS: (Another Classic Gem) In Search of Shangri-La
Subject: RE: BS: New Story - In Search of Shangi-La
Ezra Coffin sat heavily in his kitchen chair and stared, aghast, at his daughter. "TIBET?" he roared. "You want to find yawself in Tibet?"

It had been a long day. He typically rose early to catch the tide. He ran three strings of lobster traps in the Gulf Of Maine and that meant he had his work cut out for him. That day he had engine trouble, some tourists propellor had cut three buoys loose, and a significant number of his traps had been empty. That meant someone was stealing from the traps.

And now this!

Liza Coffin was, he thought, a typical teenager. She was lazy and self centered. He got no real work out of her and no respect either. And now this, this, trip to Tibet of all places to "find herself". He suspected she didn't even know where Tibet was.

He sighed as he listened to her. He really loved his daughter and respected her for the young woman she was becoming but this was too much. Yet, as he listened he had to admit she had thought out the trip carefully. At least there wasn't a boyfriend involved.

Later that evening he sat in the kitchen, coffee mug on the table while he softly played the fiddle his grandfather had built from old ship timbers taken from the bay. Outside the summer breezes sighed around the corner of the house. The moon shone its diamonds on the bay and the lights twinkled on the mainland.

How long, he mused, had it been since he had left the island for pleasure? He couldn't remember but it had been long before Marthat died. He regretted not taking her on more vacation trips. Life was hard on the island but it was also good. Liza couldn't see that. She only compared it to life as it was lived on TV and with that comparison it came up short.

What to do...?