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Posted By: Charley Noble
09-May-01 - 04:46 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Blood Red Roses (what's it mean?)
Subject: RE: Blood Red Roses
It's true that there are few bawdy shanties in the Joanna Colcord book "Roll & Go" but that may have had more to do with what could be published in the 1920's than her sex or skill as a collector. Her father was a master of square riggers and she and her brother Lincoln (another fine writer of sea stories) grew up aboard ship; they had plenty of time to nose about and learn whatever rude things the sailors sang; for more detail read the recently published "Letters from Sea: Joanna & Lincoln Colcord's Seafaring Childhood" by Parker Bishop Albee, Jr.

Then again, we've never seen the unexpurgated collection of Stan Hugill in print, and what we have seen is replete with wistful musing of having to disguise unprintable lyrics; Stan did sing the unexpurgated versions to one and all at various late night parties at those wonderful Mystic Sea Port Sea Songs Festivals.