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Posted By: Steve Parkes
18-Nov-98 - 08:13 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Eleven More Months and Ten More Days
Thanks, Bert. I remember some odd lines:

I'm in the hoosegow 20 days, just 20 days ago
I met the judge, a kind old judge who was feeling fine and so
He gave me just a year in gaol, a sociable sort of a gink,
All on accunt of a gallon of corn that I thought I could drink.

Well, I came home on Friday night as drunk as I could be.
I saw a hat upon the rack where my hat ought to be.
"Now what is that?" I asked my wife. "It's a frying pan!" said she,
But a frying pan with a hat band on I never before did see!

The warden said "We'd like to [...]
And give you lots of different sports [...]
[...] What sport would you like?"
I said "If it's all the same to you, I'd like to go on a hike."
(This last verse goes before the baseball verse)

I had an old 78 disc of this, with "Will the angels play their harps for me?" on the other side, by a different artist. It got lost many years ago in a house move.