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10-May-01 - 12:37 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Blood Red Roses (what's it mean?)
Subject: RE: Blood Red Roses
Hey, Row Bullies Row, is PERFECT FOR SYCHRONIZING THE OARSMEN,. If you sing it to the right meter./ Meter is ALL imprtant in using chanteys. Row Bullies Row is not only a good rhythm for rowing, it also provides a definite place to "roll" your wrists in both directions, for "feathering" the oars so y ou don't have to waste energy lifting them up after each stroke. you just let them skip along the surface (if they're feathered right)

Just hop intop a rowing vessel, and start singing as you row,. DO NOT PUT THE LONG ROOOOOOOOW..................... BEFORE ROW BULLIES ROW.There is still the word "Row" on each oar stroke in this passage. This is in 3/4 time, not 3/4 with one 4/4 bar. And furthermopre, anything can be used a s a chantey if it workds. After youre rowing exercise, see if you don't change your mind about whether or not this is usefull to coordinate oarsmen.