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Posted By: KingBrilliant
10-May-01 - 06:36 AM
Thread Name: BS: How Many of Us Perform With Family?
Subject: RE: BS: How Many of Us Perform With Family?
Hammerite (10 - daughter) & I (38 - mother) sing together. I play guitar (almost) and she is currently drumming (djembe). We go to singarounds & pub sessions etc & anywhere else we think we can get away with it (including walking through town the other day [what were we thinking of?]).
Our voices are quite similar & work really well together - but do we ever have artistic differences sometimes!!! Neither of us can stand being criticised, but both of us feel the need to express our critisisms.
She's just starting to do ad-hoc harmonies which is lovely, and the more we sing together the better we sound. She's very good at thinking up new ways to do things, and has pretty good judgement (she's always had more sense than me).
Hamm & I are taking singing lessons together now (we've had 4 lessons so far). That is helping a lot & is doing our confidence no end of good.
Last year my dad started singing at singarounds & so we've had a few 3-generation collaborations. Sadly not as many as we'd like, because we don't sing together regularly enough to get really properly integrated. Dad's style is quite different from ours & our voices tend to fight a bit at the moment. Fat B****rd's post has filled me with good intentions again though, & so I resolve here & now to make more time to sing with Dad. Unfortunately he has decided that he is not by nature a performer and has backed off from the singarounds a bit. It's a real shame because he sings in a very traditional style that harks back to his youth in a rural part of Berkshire, and I love listening to it.
It is wonderful fun to sing with family, especially when the voices are similar - and I hope that Hamm & I will always sing together (as well as solo).
It seems to embarasss the hell out of some family members though. My brother & wife & kids can not even bring themselves to look at us when Dad & Hamm & I sing at family occasions. They don't mind themselves singing along to pop songs on their CD-walkmans, but they sat stony-faced when we sang some home-brewed trad.