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Posted By: Joe Offer
10-May-01 - 03:22 PM
Thread Name: Tech Hints PermaThread™
Subject: Playing MIDIs
Melody Lane is a great site, but it's heavy on graphics and takes a long time to load some pages. It says it works best with Crescendo, but I have an intense hatred for Crescendo and the technical problems it causes. If you have Crescendo and you're having MIDI problems, I recommend that you go to Control Panel and uninstall Crescendo (ALWAYS use Control Panel's Add/Remove function to remove programs). I have Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5, and Windows Media Player 6.4, and Melody Lane plays the tunes for me very nicely.

I wish it were easier for me to troubleshoot MIDI problems from a distance. Many people have trouble playing the MIDI tunes from the Digital Tradition, even though they're able to play the tunes on the Mudcat MIDI Page. There's one MIDI page that everybody seems to be able to work with - Lesley's Contemplator Page. Take a look at the Contemplator and see if the tunes play for you there. Then try a few of the Mudcat MIDI tunes, and then some from the Digital Tradition. If all of those work, then go back to Melody Lane and wait a long time - maybe it's just the slow loading that's giving you fits.

Click here for leads to other MIDI sites you can check out. You can also find various MIDI sites listed on the Mudcat Links Page. Another site you may want to check is Public Domain Music, with MIDIs by Benjamin Robert Tubb.
-Joe Offer-