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11-May-01 - 01:18 PM
Thread Name: BS: (Another Classic Gem) In Search of Shangri-La
Subject: RE: BS: New Story - In Search of Shangi-La
Ezra thought about Liza's plan for the next few days. Finally, he made up his mind. Liza met him at the dock as he brought in his last load of traps. Her eyes opened wide as she studied the pile of traps on the dock.

"It looks like you've left off fishin' for a while," she said. "What's going on?"

"Liza, I been working these waters since before I was your age. I ain't never took no vacation and I sorely wish I'd done so when your mother was alive." He sighed and studied the water in the bay, thinking how it matched the color of Martha's eyes. "I'm thinking of going with you to this magic land of yours."

"Dad?" She stared at him, "You're serious aren't you?

"Yup, I guess I am."

"When do we leave?" Suddenly the reality of going hit her with a feeling akin to fear.

"I guess now is as good a time as any." He smiled, "Let's get packed.