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Posted By: Uncle Jaque
11-May-01 - 09:39 PM
Actually, Rich, he does... and he's pretty good at it as a matter of fact. Since this is a plainly marked "BS" thread, we're not limited to a strictly "music" topic, are we?
If you take the time to examine other threads in which MAV was a participant, you will discover that some others who assumed him to a musical imposter got quite a surprise when the conversation got around to the subject - particularly as it relates to swing, blues, and classic Jazz. He has performed professional gigs in all sorts of places, recorded with his band, and has opened for some people you might know.
If you want to spout off on Socialist ideaology or run down American traditions and values that have contributed to this country's relative liberty and prosperity for the past 200 years, or advocate a "utopian" way of life that has led to only squalor, tyranny and genocide every place it has been tried, then don't be surprised if you hear from us about it on that topical venue. Should you, on the other hand, ever want to discuss musical issues within the area of our particular interests and expertise (it shouldn't take you long to run a trace on us and find out what those are) on a legitimate music - topic thread, we'll be there for you.