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Thread Name: BS: (Another Classic Gem) In Search of Shangri-La
Subject: RE: BS: New Story - In Search of Shangi-La
Dearly Beloved could scarcely believe her eyes. There before them, the avalanche of snow and rocks and dirt began to melt away; a path was opening up. Gungzin Dharmalazu smiled in his usual enigmatic way and sent a silent mesage, "You have done well, my little Mara."

"Oh, Holy One, let us go...the Way has opened! Let's go now, before anything else happens!"

Smiling with supreme patience the Holy One took the reins of his horse and led the way. When he was just a young disciple this day had been foretold. He was in complete harmony with his surroundings and the arduous trek, for he knew what awaited him at the end...Nirvana, for his patience, his many incarnations of strife and learning. For his bringing this child of the West to the Holiest One in the fabled lands. Who knew the ways of the Buddha? That this child and the others should be the ones to bring the Outer and Inner worlds together in a Harmonic Convergence of Supreme Peace?

Inscribing the air about them with arcane symbols, intoning ancient syllabic protection, he led the way. Dearly Beloved, relief washing across her face, felt a surge of energy and warmth rush through her. She felt hope and endurance were on her side, once again, in the quest she'd been born to. Leading her horse across, she followed the bent back of the monk, carefully placing her feet where his had touched the ground, knowing the way was safe, once again.