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Posted By: Little Hawk
12-May-01 - 12:22 AM
MAV - Those 10 men you mentioned...they don't eat in the same restaurant.

The first 4 can't afford to eat in most restaurants. Two of them live on the street and eat out of garbage cans. The other 2 can occasionally afford something at Burger King or Taco Bell. The 5th man eats at MacDonalds and at the local greasy spoon. The 6th and 7th eat at Swiss Chalet. The 8th and 9th eat at the hotel and Howard Johnson's.

The 10th guy eats at the Waldorf Astoria, and sometimes in Monaco or Paris. Being a CEO of a multinational corporation, he can easily move his money around the world to tax-free havens that the other 9 guys don't even know about, let alone have any access to. His corporation used to employ American workers, but in recent years it laid most of them off and moved their jobs to Mexico and the Phillipines, where the workers are treated like slaves and paid almost nothing. In the meantime, the actual products which the other 9 guys buy from his corporation have doubled in price. His stock has tripled in value, not surprisingly.

He's in no danger whatsoever of being lynched, because the other 9 guys have never met him, and don't even know his name.

You see how the analogy starts to break down...

- LH