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Thread Name: BS: (Another Classic Gem) In Search of Shangri-La
Subject: RE: BS: New Story - In Search of Shangi-La
Patil watched the woman who's walk moved her like a blade of grass in the wind. He led her to a cell in the tower, and opened the door. The stone floor was swept clean, and upon the floor rested a pitcher of steaming water and a sleeping pallet. The window was an open hole cut in the stone wall, and the scent of the growing fields drifted into the window. He smiled and motioned to her to enter the room, and as she did, he sat on the floor by the door and closed his eyes.

Annette stood in the center in the room, sizing it and it's contents, including the small human doorstop. She took a deep breath and began peeling off the layers of yak-fur, neatly folding each garment and setting it by the pallet. Each movement mindful and deliberate, she washed herself and dressed in a robe that had been set out for her. She then walked over towards Patil, waved her hand in front of his face, and getting no reaction, sat down in front of him. She studied the small man as she braided her hair into one long plait. When she tied the end with a piece of string, and sighed, Patil slowly opened his eyes.

"You are ready then?"

"I am not sure what I am ready for," she thought as Patil led her to a large open courtyard where Tirseng waited patiently. He smiled as she approached. Patil hugged his brother, then excused himself. When Tirseng motioned for her to sit on the ground, she curled her feet beneath her and sat. The sun and sounds were beginning to lull her into tranquility, but inside her, a fire raged.

"Close your eyes, lady-friend" said Tirseng, "Breathe and listen." She did as he said, and within minutes, she had the strangest sensation of light entering the top of her head, travelling down her neck, and filling her heart with white. All of it, the running, the fighting, the killing, the fear and anger, being replaced with light.

She heard Patil returning with Curioso, and opened her eyes. Tirseng was looking at her, still smiling his warm smile, as she wiped her tear-stained cheeks on her robe and stood to greet the men.