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Posted By: Mooh
12-May-01 - 10:43 AM
Thread Name: BS: Times have changed...
Subject: Times have changed...
...and so have I.

A rhetorical question perhaps, but have you experienced this sort of thing?

Last night I once again turned down a golden opportunity to play electric guitar in a "'70's cover band". There was good money in it, and I already know much of the reportoire, but I just couldn't see myself playing smokey dives to unruly drunkards while leaving the family at home. I've even got the ideal gear for the job, but I just don't want to play that stuff anymore.

Once upon a time I prayed for these sorts of gigs, and revelled in the vibe once I had them.

Lately (10 years or so) I think that the Celtic/old time/bluegrass stuff rocks faster and swings harder than "classic rock", and is more challenging to play. I prefer acoustic guitars, and there are some old rockers which crossover well to acoustic interpretation. Those I'll continue to play.

I made a conscious choice for acoustic music (I've got two such groups right now, and solo), the style and glory elements of live rock just don't matter to me anymore.

I guess what surprised me most was how easy it was to refuse this job, and I don't feel old! I always thought that this sort of experience, finally deciding not to take another rock job, would make me feel like a dinosaur, but instead I feel rejuvenated about my other projects.

Leaving the door wide open for your smart-ass remarks, is this/am I normal?

Peace. Mooh.