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14-May-01 - 09:39 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Blood Red Roses (what's it mean?)
Subject: RE: Blood Red Roses
the Horn was a double entedre in many shanties
and Wales probably had a lot of Pox in cardiff and Swansea
the orginator of a shanty may not have recognised his song after sailors had customised it and misheard it and it got bowdlerised by the pressure of puritanical moores
I find a little background is useful - how many times have we seen a video of Uncle Stan singing Rueben Ranzo - - he didn't have the puff for every word as he pulled on the rope.
I once heard a well known shanty crew sing so fast they couldn't get the words out
the yard arm would have been in orbit on his ship.

YEA it does matter they were songs with a purpose and whatever we do to them we are fools to forget their origins.
we are folk singers aren't we?
call it "method" singing if you like.