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Posted By: Mooh
14-May-01 - 11:37 AM
Thread Name: BS: Times have changed...
Subject: RE: BS: Times have changed...
Bart...Actually an ash body Telecaster thinline, even so a tough work-out. Reminds me of an interview of Keith Richards who proclaimed that, unlike Mick, he didn't need to get fit for a tour, given that he slung a Tele for hours every day of his life.

As it happens, I'll likely be playing about half as many acoustic gigs, and at twice the satisfaction, I figure I come out flush. And no Marshall stacks!

I like the idea of subbing though, but I'll offer my services on mandolin and acoustic guitars for their vaguely country/folk stuff, just for a lark. Now if it was a Jethro Tull tribute band I'd be in there like a dirty shirt.

Got a call to do a pit band gig for a Shakespeare play. Cool eh! 12th Night I think. (Beats strip joints.) That one I'll take.

Peace. Mooh.