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Posted By: kaleidoscope
20-Nov-98 - 10:00 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
Subject: RE: Mudcat(THE WORLD) Let us know Pt. II
Hi all!

I'm from Phoenix, Arizona, and just posted a thread a few days back and have been pleased at how people jumped in to help.

I am married with husband, 3 cats, a piano, 12 and 6 string guitars, and several flutes. Mostly I play the standard silver flute like you see in orchestras but recently got a "Native American Flute" which is wooden and has a wonderful "eerie" sound. My husband, I, and a third partner have a band called "Mountain Rain" that plays at music festivals, coffeehouses, and the like. I teach blind and visually impaired adults independent living skills.

For those not familiar with Phoenix, it is desert territory. After an oven like summer (110+ degrees), we are finally getting refreshing cool nights (50's) and perfect "get outdoors and enjoy it" days(70's).

Take care, and a great Thanksgiving to all!