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Posted By: MAV
14-May-01 - 11:23 PM
Hey Mouse,

Long time, no see.

The sun finally came out. We had 90 degrees(F)and a few snowbanks left in the front yard.

Very strange.



I repeat..THERE IS NO SURPLUS!!! It is NOT real!! That 4 trillion dollar national debt is quite real though

Well, since it WAS $5.5 Trillion, I think you should calm down and stop repeating.

Paying down the debt is to be included in the budget.



If you take the time to examine other threads in which MAV was a participant, Jaque-off, you will discover that he's an obnoxious,simple-minded,loud-mouthed racist piece of shite

I'm no racist (you left out sexist, homophobe and moron) and you have pretty much just proven yourself to be that which you accuse me of.

I'm an American conservative and I know what I believe in. If I have offended you.........good.

You would do well to be nice to Uncle Jaque, he's the kind of guy that would give you the shirt off his back.

That way of life that has led to only squalor, tyranny and genocide every place it has been tried is called Capitalism, no?

NO!.....It's called AUTHORITARIANISM!!!

Soviet Union..murdered 20 million of their own..1929-53
Hitler..murdererd 13 million Jews, Gypsies, Gays..1939-45
China..murdered 20 million of their own...1948-52

If you want squalor...go to North Korea, China or the former industrial sites of the former USSR.

You have a Queen right? That makes you a subject. What the hell is that all about? Please explain and use all the paper you need.

On second thought, don't bother. Why don't you go get a job instead and start paying back some of the debt you owe the US taxpayers?

By the way, Blair is a twinkie (Is he still wet-nursing the baby?)

Good grief!



MAV, don't you ever play music?


Or at least post about it?

Why? I don't have a need to talk about it.

********************************************************* Folks,

The point of the stupid story is that most people in the US pay little or no INCOME taxes. (They pay plenty of other taxes however).

Consequently those who pay the bulk of the taxes sould, by default, receive more of the relief.

Many non-taxpayers already are subsidized through the "Earned Income Tax Credit" This is blatant redistribution of the wealth (aka social engineering).

The "rich" aren't really taxed that much at all. They all have their accumulated millions in big untaxed trust funds and get a small income suitable to pay their living expenses.(See Kennedys)

The successful high income earners are who the tax thieves are hitting the hardest. They are being "punished" for creating jobs, being productive and creating wealth.

The same tax rate as levied on lower earners would still glean more revenue from the higher incomes and be fairer.


They have to hit the upper income people with a higher rate as well.

As a libertarian, I say it's immoral to tax income....


Have an interesting day,

mav out