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Posted By: Kim C
15-May-01 - 12:18 PM
Thread Name: BS: Times have changed...
Subject: RE: BS: Times have changed...
I wanna go someplace where I can get fed and drink beer and play music! Oh yeah.... some friends are having a guitar pull this Friday. Hafta bring my own beer, though. Haven't quite grown out of the beer thing, don't intend to. Although I drink much more responsibly than I once did, especially since too much drink makes my fiddle playing pretty atrocious.

Speaking of changing attitudes, I guess this sort of falls in the same vein... I like to listen to radio stations that play 80s and "classic" rock, since I was a teenager in the bad old 80s... songs I used to like then seem atrocious to me now, while there are songs I didn't like then, that I have a new appreciation for. I notice things I wouldn't have noticed back then, like good songwriting, or production, or arrangements and such.

I still believe, however, that Roger Daltrey is the greatest rock singer who ever lived. ;-)