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Posted By: Trapper
15-May-01 - 12:45 PM
Thread Name: John Hartford - Update
Subject: RE: John Hartford - Update
I was in college, sharing a small apartment with two other guys. We had one bedroom - bunk beds and a single bed. If we had a lady visitor we were entertaining, the bedroom door would be closed, and we all respected that.

One night one of the roomies was taking a little too long - midnight, and the door was still closed. We had speakers set up in the bedroom, but the stereo was on our side of the wall. We put on John Hartford's "Aeroplane", and put the needle down in the "Boogie" cut. Started out at 33-1/3, slowly turned the speed up to 45rpm, then to 78 rpm...

..."We can boogie in the living room
Boogie in the den
C'mon baby, let's do it all again
Hey babe, you wanna boogie? ...(and don't forget the HEAVY BREATHING chorus!!!)

Anyway, by the time we got it up to 78rpm, the door flies open and our visitor, in a state of semi-disarray, goes storming out of the bedroom and out of the apartment. The roommate soon comes out and tries to be all mad, but we are laughing so hard that pretty soon he can't keep up the pretense and he's rolling on the floor too.

I've loved John Hartford ever since.