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Posted By: GUEST,Rag
16-May-01 - 08:13 AM
Thread Name: How many mudcatters are teachers?
Subject: RE: BS: How many mudcatters are teachers?
Taught for over 15 years in the secondary age range and saw the job change from an enriching and challenging experience to one of absolute drudgery and stress largely because of underfunding, over expectations generated by competing schools, and depressing attacks, both physical and verbal, encouraged by the media.

Left two years ago before my health suffered too badly, and now I'm fine doing a different job I really enjoy.

All credit to those still in there!

I still feel the indignation when I hear or read some stupid diatribe about our schools failing our kids, or some rubbish about poor teachers.

For me, folk music has always been about community, solidarity, sharing, and mutual support. The folk world is a natural for teachers who share the same values.