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Posted By: Jim the Bart
17-May-01 - 10:31 AM
Let's simplify this whole tax question:
We pay taxes for the maintenance of our government(s) and the execution of their policies and programs. These policies and programs are decided upon by our elected representatives.

When the amount collected is less than the amount budgeted, money is borrowed from the private sector and debt service becomes another budgeted amount.

It makes little sense to reduce the amount collected until the amount owed has been paid off. When the debt is gone - 100% gone - we can then begin to think about lowering all taxes.

Tax relief for those who are not able to meet basic expenses - food, shelter, clothing and the cost of doing business - makes sense. But why should we provide "relief" to those whose wealth is currently increasing daily? To provide incentive for them to invest in steel mills in the far east, buy more BMW's, or move more of our jobs to Mexico?

Tax relief across the board, based on some weird vision of "fairness" is ludicrous. If the system was fair, you would not have the vast disparity between the ultra-rich and the dirt poor.

It is not fair that people get increasingly richer simply because their ancestors were in a position to stake a claim to resources that were once cheap and available (land, oil, coal, etc.), in perpetuity. And our president want to open up more public land to the energy mafia, to ease the latest "crisis". Bah.