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Posted By: Little Hawk
17-May-01 - 09:28 PM
Seems to me I wrote in a song about 20 years ago:

"All the sheep are out buying on credit
What they can't ever hope to afford
While the wolves grease the wheels on the treadmill
And their wives look attractively bored
And their money, it's nothing but paper
And their idols are made out of clay
Cos if everyone paid all their debts off
This whole country'd collapse in a day."

One such wolf runs Ontario, Canada. His name is Mike Harris. Another such wolf controls much of the Canadian media. His name is Conrad Black. I believe he is seeking knighthood in England where he now lives.

Get this: The present social system is based on debt. Everyone is encouraged to create more debt through the irresponsible use of credit. Privately owned banks create vast amounts of fictional money (FAR more than does the government), simply by making loans (digital money that doesn't really exist) to large corporations, thus creating even more debt. All this debt carries interest, which further spirals the national financial situation out of control. The increased supply of imaginary money thus created fuels inflation, which impoverishes the elderly and those on fixed incomes. The system is based on debt...gigantic amounts of ever-increasing debt. To focus on goverment debt alone is akin to imagining that the whole iceberg is above water, and if we melt that part, then the iceberg will be gone!

Since most of the citizens of the developed world are themselves accustomed to irresponsibly being in debt on a regular basis, why would they castigate their own government for doing the same thing?

I am living in a suburb of Imperial Rome, complete with gladiatorial ("sports") arenas and other forms of mindless entertainment, mostly built with borrowed digital fictional money.

At this point almost nothing, however unreal, would surprise me...except an act of compassion and responsibility from those in the highest halls of worldly equal sharing of the bounty of the Earth.

But...I have seen numerous such acts on the part of relatively poor people who have just a little to share with their brothers and sisters, whether in Cuba...or Canada. Wisdom is often found in very humble surroundings.

- LH