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Posted By: Barry Finn
23-Nov-98 - 12:06 AM
Thread Name: Article on the dangers of sessions
Subject: RE: Article on the dangers of sessions
Hi Martin, I've also found that some very good bodhran tunes only need the accompanyment of a single voice to made it a perfect song, I love playing these. I've often thought of doing a singing/bodhran workshop but someone killed the goat I had trained by shoving a stick down it's throat, BAAAA way to go, went out that night drank a gallon of woolight. Peter Bellamy put to music a Kipling poem "They'er Hanging Danny Deaver In The Morning" (still not sure if that's the title after all these years), it's not a march & I sing it the way Peter sings it , but only use the bodhran as backup & play a death march on it, not only does it work well but the soft march in the backround lends enforcement to the disgust of the public military hanging better, in my opinion, than any other instrument could. Barry