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Posted By: gnu
18-May-01 - 11:16 PM
Thread Name: Songs to Speed the Parting Spouse
Subject: RE: Songs to Speed the Parting Spouse
Gee. Pretty neat. I'm celebrating... no, observing... my second anniversary tonight becasue I had too much work on the go to observe the date yesterday. The songs bring back memories, good and bad.

Animaterra... keep your head high. And nevermind the "trial" crap. A separation is a separation. Get on with life. Take time for you by not cluttering it up with anyone else. The best thing I did was to pledge to myself that I wouldn't even date for two years... just take time for me. It may be lonely at times, but after spending fifteen years with someone, it took that long to really discover me again. And, it was well worth it ! If you have some down moments, just remember, you'll get better at it with time.