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Posted By: MAV
19-May-01 - 11:15 AM
Let's simplify this whole tax question:

Sure, why not!

We pay taxes for the maintenance of our government(s) and the execution of theirineffective, union servingpolicies and programs.

These policies and programs are decided upon by ourthieving and self servingelected representatives.

When the amount collected is less than the amount budgeted, money is borrowed from the private sector and debt service becomes another budgeted amount.

It makes little sense to reduce the amount collected until the amount owed has been paid off.

It makes little sense to keep increasing "entitlement" spending since most of it is un-Constitutional and should be challenged in a non-liberal (honest and accurate) Supreme Court.

There was never any talk of debt reduction in Congress until the GOP arrived and turned things around.

In fact the dems couldn't even accomplish DEFICIT reduction in their time so your argument rings real hollow.

When the debt is gone - 100% gone - we can then begin to think about lowering all taxes.

Which if left to liberals (of either party) would be exactly NEVER!!!

Cut the budget at least in half, kill the fraudulent money sucking IRS and pay off the debt.

Tax relief for those who are not able to meet basic expenses - food, shelter, clothing and the cost of doing business - makes sense.

No it doesn't, they aren't paying any INCOME taxes now and that's what we're talking about.

In fact the EITC is just another offensive socialist BUDGET GIVE-AWAY!(see title of thread)

But why should we provide "relief" to those whose wealth is currently increasing daily?

Because they are the ones carrying the rest of the whining "victims" who think the world owes them a living as well as the legitimate functions of the federal government.

The actual "fair share" per man, woman and child of tax burden found by dividing the budget by the population is between $6 and 8,000!

That's why!

To provide incentive for them to invest in steel mills in the far east, buy more BMW's, or move more of our jobs to Mexico?

What the hell business is it of your's how they invest? You're damn lucky they stay in the US and tolerate the Theft by the Left.

I wouldn't blame Bill Gates and other overacheivers if they bought Australia, started their own country and told the US to go pound sand. You do realize something like that could happen don't you?

Tax relief across the board, based on some weird vision of "fairness" is ludicrous.

Whoever said life is fair? Your kindergarten teacher? "It's not fair, it's not fair" (Now Johnny)

If the system was fair, you would not have the vast disparity between the ultra-rich and the dirt poor.

If the system was fair, the Overfunded Union controlled Government Indoctrination Monopolies would be creating financially informed, business oriented, math and science heavy future citizens instead of the illiterate, murdering, bone headed, immoral, politically correct, lowest scholastic scoring wastes of human genetic material IN THE WORLD!!!!

Most of the liberal elite send their children to PRIVATE SCHOOL but demand the public school monopoly be untouched. Is that fair?

It is not fair that people get increasingly richer simply because their ancestors were in a position to stake a claim to resources that were once cheap and available (land, oil, coal, etc.), in perpetuity.

"It's not fair, it's not fair", Geeeees Uhhhhs!!!!!

Ok Mr. Ditchdigger, you work hard and get a pickup so you can drive to work, then a few small pieces of equipment. YOUR OWN BLEEPING SHOVEL! (what a day of pride)

You find you are really good at ditchdigging.

You start your own business and hire some buddies to help you because your sparkling personality has gotten you more business than you can handle yourself.

You begin to rent then lease a small tractor.

You develop credit and buy a "Bobcat Loader".

Now you find you can make more money with a backhoe. You will need a dumptruck to haul it and it could come in handy in some way. A bulldozer would really make filling in low spots and digging up gravel, a piece of cake.

You get your teenage kids involved, Suzie can run the computer in the office as competently as she can the excavator and rock crusher.

You now have a gravel pit, paving machines, a fleet of trucks, tractors, earthmovers and have created hundreds of jobs, paying out thousands each week in payroll. You create hundreds of other business transactions and unseen employment opportunities by virtue of all the vehicles, parts, fuel, office equipment and other sundries you purchase everyday.

You pay cumulative millions in taxes on almost every item in the above paragraph.

Of course having once been a ditchdigging union member, you now find your work force unionized, on strike and vandalizing your business because your already generous wages "aren't fair".

This is, of course, but to mention all the myriad of oppressive local, state and federal constraints and regulations imposed on you, a simple ditchdigger.

Your kids have grown up operating the company, learning all the necessary skills to continue operations and have no other plans but to continue the family business.

You die of old age!...........

The family has to sell the business just to pay off the government who takes half the value you and your family built up by the sweat of their brow.

Is that fair???

It is not fair that people get increasingly richer simply because their ancestors were in a position to stake a claim to resources that were once cheap and available (land, oil, coal, etc.), in perpetuity.

And finally...

And our president want to open up more public land to the energy mafia, to ease the latest "crisis"

(at least you admitted he's our president)

The "mafia" IS the government-by, for and of the unions. Most (85%) of organized labor/crime membership is in government employee unions.

Let's simplify this whole tax question:

Yes, now the reality of it.

1) The thieving IRS takes a lot of money from those who produce it by overtaxing them.

2) It pays the organized labor/crime bureaucrats to do very little, nothing or actually create problems for the private sector (see Dept of Motor Vehicles)

3) The government organized labor/crime bosses extort money from the unionized bureaucrats in the form of DUES, help themselves to it and then create union PACs (political action committees)with what's left over.

4) The government organized labor/crime union PACs then give ALL THE EXTORTED MILLION$ TO DEMOCRATS!!!

5) The dems then blindly (under strict marching orders from the DNC, enforced by Garp and De Ash Hole) enact legislation which creates tax spending programs. They claim (but only PRETEND) to help THE CHILDREN but actually only create MORE ORGANIZED LABOR/CRIME BUREAUCRAT JOBS!!!

I realize you probaly know this is true but don't really think the public has figured it out yet.

The proof of this is in publicly disclosed campaign finance reports and the ridiculous anti-logical rhetoric from the bought and paid for, special interest, "elected" democrat loudmouths.(Like Wexler, Maxine, Garp et al)

Also it is an undisputable fact that the largest employer in the US is government.

Every "feelgood" social program is just another cockroach den of "non-essential" government employees (remember them?)

Bart, what happens if ALL business leaves the US? Is that a good thing?

mav out