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Thread Name: BS: (Another Classic Gem) In Search of Shangri-La
Subject: RE: BS: New Story - In Search of Shangi-La
The large creature had returned. Motioning to Gungzin Dharmalazu to hurry, it turned and started out at a fast pace, up the valley, straight into the storm.

Do not worry, my child. Rek-shin has been sent to help us reach the Centre of the World. All Forces converge there now. We must follow and hurry! Come, Dearly Beloved!

Dearly followed as fast as she could, watching where she placed each step. Suddenly they heard a huge roar and saw large boulders bouncing down from so high up they could only see a slip of the sky. Immediately after they heard a faint "pop-pop." The sky roiled with turmoil, greenish-yellow lightening struck trees, setting them on fire, splitting them down the middle. The grass, tinder-dry around them, caught fire. Picking up their pace, now, running and dodging bolts of white-hot fire, they followed on, Rek-shin, the Giant leading the way.

Ahead was all smoke, illuminated only by flashes of sickenly coloured light. Rek-shin twisted, suddenly, and went down.

Oh no! Rek-shin!

Dearly ran to his side with Gungzin reaching him a moment before. The beautiful and gentle giant was hit, his fur scorched with raw flesh showing on his side. Closing his eyes and groaning with pain and anger, he motioned them to go on. They were not far from some of the tumbled rocks at the base of the cliffs.

Dearly yelled at Gungzin Let's get him over by those rocks. We have to help him!

Tugging and praying with all their will, they huffed and pulled, until finally Rek-shin was propped against a large boulder giving scant protection from the battle raging above.

Gungzin motioned to Dearly to sit in lotus and focus with him. He lightly placed his open hand above Rek-shin's wound. White light formed a swirl around them, entered the tops of their heads and ran through Gungzin's arm into the wound. Breathing deeply and letting it out slowly, in a syncopation of healing, Dearly and Gungzin "cleared" the wound of evil's stain, filling it with a purple glow of Light. Chanting all the while, in unison they then "knit" the large gash shut with their concentrated energy. The Sworl of Light above them quivered slightly, then Rek-shin, feeling some respite, added a feeble thread of energy and the globe held steady.

So mote it be Dearly Beloved muttered under her breath, as she and Gungzin broke their concentration.
We must rest, dear one, you have done well in helping. Most Honourable Rek-shin, we are humbly grateful to you for your assistance. We will rest here, with you, then travel along, as soon as you are able to move.

With that, Gungzin reached into his long sleeves, pulled out a skinbag of water and some dried berries and hard bread. He offered equal amounts to Dearly and Rek-shin, taking only a small amount for himself.

While Gungzin maintained the globe of protective energy, Rek-shin sighed and closed his eyes with a grimace. Dearly beloved felt very comfortable with him and snuggled up next to him. Weary and worn, she realised she was once again falling asleep among the Chaos of the World.