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Posted By: Little Hawk
19-May-01 - 10:18 PM
Hi, Jacque -

Well, yes, we all dearly love freedom, and we all struggle for it from the moment we are born. I know I have.

Every society places many roadblocks in the way of the individual's quest for freedom. American society is no exception to that. The USA is not the ultimate experiment in human freedom, although its schoolchildren are all taught that it is. When my father was educated in England, he was taught the very same thing about their system. Every society imagines itself to be very enlightened. It's the most common conceit humanity falls prey to, and it leads to jingoism, war, and intolerance of others.

Parents also frequently interfere with their children's attempts to live as free beings, sometimes with good results, and sometimes not. It is legitimate to protect the child against danger, but it is not legitimate to replace the child's natural way of thinking with your own.

I have read all the books of the New Testament and the Old Testament at least a few times. There are indeed some very inspiring passages about love in various of those books. Jesus' life does not suggest the building of a competitive system, amounting to survival of the fittest, and the devil take the hindmost.

The kind of love I was referring to was of the type that God shows toward the whole creation: He/She provides for all without prejudice, doesn't play favourites, doesn't hold back, loves without conditions. Observe that when rain falls it falls on rich and poor, "good" and "evil", and makes no distinctions. Likewise the sun shines on everyone. No prejudice.

That's the kind of love I was speaking of. It means no more war, no more violence, no more separation into "us" and "them", food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, work for those who are in need of work, and protection of Nature (a holy garden that we were intended to be stewards of, not rapists of).

To institute such a system would require more than just the United States, its constitution, and its present way of life...directed mainly toward the amassing of money and property.

It would require a unification of the whole human race on this planet toward a common end. I believe that will happen one day, but probably not for some time yet. When it does, the US constitution will be a somewhat archaic historical document (like all other present constitutions), albeit one with a number of fine and noble concepts (like most other present constitutions).

We all risk persecution when we speak our truth.

The tree of Liberty IS watered with the blood of patriots, tyrants...and the poor...especially the poor.

I'm as fed up with political correctness as you are.

The term: "fellow traveler". Did you mean that in the old sense as one who aids and abetts communists (whether consciously or unconsciously)?

Or did you mean that you and I are travelling the same road together? I will take it as the latter, because I do believe that all humanity is of one spirit, and that the issues which divide us against one another are forms of mental illusion, like waves on the surface of the ocean.

Everything in the world leads us to division. Everything in Spirit leads us to unity. That's why Jesus said that he was in this world, but not of this world.

We all travel the same road. How can sons & daughters of God do otherwise?

We have our political notions, but at the end of the day there is something much larger than that.

That's the best way I can explain it tonight, and it will strike those who do not believe in anything spiritual (or who believe in a vengeful God) as utter claptrap, but so what? Should I hide in fear of their form of political correctness, and not dare open my mouth? What the hell, I'm going to die anyway one of these days, so I might as well say what I think while I still can...which is just what MAV is doing, obviously.

One last thought: My way is NOT the ONLY way, and I know it. I essentially have trouble with people who think their way IS the ONLY way, and that is a common mental disease in the political arena anywhere, not just in the USA.

- LH