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Posted By: Mad Tom
23-May-01 - 01:07 AM
Thread Name: HTML Stuff II
Subject: RE: HTML Stuff II
Well, it did, sorta.

The source had extra returns between the bulleted list items that do not show up in the normal editor view. I could have edited them out after pasting, but I wanted to see what would happen with minimal tweaking.

Still, it's a perfectly fine way to use the WYSIWYG editor of an application that you're already running.

I recall doing an experiment ( with Netscape and MS Internet Explorer) some time ago and discovering that the PRE tags do not guarantee that it's displayed in a monospace font, only that the line breaks occur where you put them in the source. Maybe this is different with newer versions of browsers - I haven't repeated the experiment recently. The TT ("teletype") tags do force it to use the monospaced font, but the line breaks are flexible, wrapping the same way as in normal text.

Nitpick: Earlier, Joe Offer said "on a Mac, the CTRL key is the one with the symbol that looks kind of like a square daisy". This is not true. On a Mac the CTRL key is the one with "control" printed on it. The one with the "daisy" (or "splat", "propellor", etc) is the "command" key (abbreviated "cmd"), formerly known as the "apple" key. What is true, is that many of the functions of the Mac command key are provided by the Windoze CTRL key, such as cmd-C, cmd-V, etc. It was the Winborg that strayed from the true path.

- Mad Tom O'Bedlam
(The member formerly known as the Guest John Rose)