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26-Nov-98 - 11:18 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: I Was Only 19
Subject: RE: i was only 19
Some explanation of terms(for non Aussies)- Unlike the US, the Australian Army rotated military units through Vietnam for what was usually a 12 month tour of duty. The US of course rotated individuals...anyway Puckapunyal(Pucka)- was amongst other things a recruit training depot. C(k)unundra- at the time it was a Jungle warfare training centre. Shoalwater(Bay)- military training area Slouch hat- type of head-dress unique to the Australian Army. SLR- Self Loading Rifle, 7.62mm. Based on the Belguim FN assault rifle. Was semi-automatic only. VB- Victoria Bitter or "Vitamin B". The most popular beer in Oz. Dusted off- evacuated for medical reasons ...and the ANZAC legend...-interesting line as the "ANZAC legend" which was based primarily on Aussie deeds in WW1 did mention a fair amount about blood a death(see blokes like C.E.W.Bean) Channel 7 chopper- channel 7 is on of the 3 main commercial stations in Australia although it goes now go under different names(eg "Win") in rural areas.