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Posted By: Metchosin
24-May-01 - 02:21 PM
Thread Name: Sorta BS: Tattoos & Piercings
Subject: RE: Sorta BS: Tattoos & Piercings
I guess if you had an anchor tatooed on you forearm and a single earpiercing, it might not be considered BS, for those have rounded the Horn, but if its a number of studs in your dick, I can't think how it would be relevant to folk music, unless you play slide guitar in a really strange manner.

My youngest daughter wanted to get a celtic knot tatooed above her breast a number of years ago. I asked her how she would have viewed a peace symbol tatooed above my breast. "Not cool Mum", was her response, so I pointed out that what's cool now, may not be cool for you a few years from now either, and with tatooes, reversal is a bit of a problem and that I'd never regretted that any adornments that were fashionable during my youth, wasn't removeable or washable after the fact.

Our conversation didn't disuade her from her from having her body indelibly marked, her final decision, not to go for it, was finally predicated on the high cost of the "art". I guess the blood of a Scot courses through her veins in other ways.