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Posted By: Art Thieme
24-May-01 - 08:34 PM
Thread Name: Are folk lyrics ever 'wrong?'
Subject: RE: Are folk lyrics ever 'wrong?'
I've loved the versions of my recorded songs that our own Wolfgang Hell posted in another thread. I was rolling on the ground laughing--and I mean no disrespect Mr. H. It was great. I've left entire lines out of songs--changed things inadvertantly--made up whole new lines on the spot when I couldn't remember. And if I thought the picking was so good on a particular track, I'd still use it on an issued recording---all without ever telling Sandy or ED Denson that I'd made a mistake. (I can admit it now.) ;-)

Sandy, listen to "Gettin In The Cows" and see how I pronounced the word "mow"--just like it looks. It ought to be "mau" (as in Mau Tse Tung---).

In the song "Blue Mountain" I said "...asure dee" (wrong) instead of "asure deep" (the correct way) all the way through the recorded version of the song. That's how I'd learned it. Did it right after I realized I'd been wrong. And on that same song Faith Petric took me to task (correctly) for getting other words wrong. Then I was either ignorant and/or lazy that time. Maybe both. Still am.

There's a verse missing in "East Texas Red" and also on my recent CD on the song "Jerry, Go And Oil That Car".

"Guabi Guabi"---on the Live At Winfield recording is just a total corruption of the real words.

My favorite mistake was on a song I almost (but thankfully didn't) put on the CD. It was a version of "The City Of New Orleans" I did in a Wisconsin bar the week Steve Goodman passed away. I sang...

"Passing towns that have no names,
And graveyards (instead of railyards) filled with old black men"...

But what the hell. I gnerally liked how the finished entities felt and sounded. For good or for bad, that was me. Loose, like oral diarrhea. Somehow, it paid the rent. I can live with it.