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Posted By: Naemanson
25-May-01 - 06:12 AM
Thread Name: Is it your fault if you can't remember
Subject: RE: Is it your fault if you can't remember
Well, I know what you are going through. Way back when I got my motorcycle (1972 Triumph Trophy Trail 650 cc) I was riding it in the back field. My sister wanted a ride so I let her climb on behind. Remember this was only 20 minutes after my first ever experience with a motorcycle.

We dawdled around the field for a little while but then she yelled those famous last words, "Go faster!"

My last conscious memory of those events is twisting the throttle.

My next memory is of lying on my side with one leg pinned under the bike while I tried to find the kill switch. My sister was about 10 feet away in a pile of horse manure.

Nobody was injured beyond bruises but the bile had a bent handlebar.

Memory is a funny thing. Here today and gone tomorrow.