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Posted By: Wavestar
25-May-01 - 06:59 AM
Thread Name: POL: A Salute to Jim Jeffords!
Subject: RE: POL: A Salute to Jim Jeffords!
I, like many others, am proud to be a Vermonter, and a Vermont voter. If there are voters of Vermont feel betrayed because they actually got a man who stands up for what he said he would, and his principles, and not what other people tell him to do, then they voted for the wrong reasons. I'm proud of Jim Jeffords, who before was a Republican I could respect, and is now an Independant I respect even more. Even furhter in his favour, he DID fight the tax-debacle as much as he could, and I think his actions were much in response to that, as well as Bush's betrayal of his commitment to Jeffords to fund special ed.

Jeffords isn't following the self-serving bent of either party - I believe he felt that his state and his nation would be better served if he did what he did. COngratulations to him - any man deserves respect for standing up for what he believes and doing his job. And I emailed him my support before he made the decision, but I'll do it again now :) He'll get my vote again for re-election.

BTW, Tedham, Bernie's registered as Independant, too, not socialist... though his leanings are certainly in that direction!