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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
25-May-01 - 09:47 AM
Thread Name: Are folk lyrics ever 'wrong?'
Subject: RE: Are folk lyrics ever 'wrong?'
Quite right Ian - I am humbled and foaming at the mouth as we speak!

I was not really thinking it through (folk process - not my fault...;-)). The references to Sharp and Child that I first saw were in my schooldays and, of course, in school song books. It was the later publications of these collections that sufferered from the blue pencil rather than the originals. The old grey cells still play the 'first impressions' game though.

Thanks for pointing it. It was a sin of ommision (of brain cells) rather than commision though so it weresent too bad was it?

Mea culpa
Mea culpa
Mea maxima culpa

Anyone know if I am vaguely accurate with the keeper or am I still talking spherical things as usual???


Dave the suitably penitent Gnome