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Posted By: BobP
25-May-01 - 05:17 PM
Thread Name: POL: A Salute to Jim Jeffords!
Subject: RE: POL: A Salute to Jim Jeffords!
Jeffords, the person is still in the senate; so "person" is not the issue. But Deception is!

I'm a product of the 60's. We took a skeptical notion to all things political back then; including party politics.

My concern is that this political scheme may lead to our trusted governmental "leaders" not being held accountable for their duties.

Committee chairmanships are nice, and the DC cocktail circuit will certainly be 'abuzz" this season. But what about issues? How are we going to know if Dubya is screwing around on our dime.

Now I was a Truman fan, somewhat. But he railed for years on the ol saw about "that damn do-nothing republican congress" that came in with the election of 47. So for three years the country stood politically frozen; thawed by Korea. He could have tried harder to work with them but railing was more in his nature and easier.

When hot spots like Haiti or the Balkans can erupt instantly or some cop does something stupid that causes folks to go into hysterics, the loss of duly elected government systems could cost lives while idiots scramble for glory (and avoid blame).

Ya see if the repubs are in control, they have no place to duck and cover when the heat turns on, they have to produce!

People are entitled, by virtue of last fall's election to that accountability, even if it happened by accident, and Jeffords confounded it.

Sadly, we won't know how what his conduct manifests till people start hurting.

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