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Posted By: Hawker
25-May-01 - 09:05 PM
Thread Name: Sorta BS: Tattoos & Piercings
Subject: RE: Sorta BS: Tattoos & Piercings
When I was a little girl (35 years ago) my grandma had a friend who was a very well to do indian lady. She came for tea at my grandma's house and I remember her showing me those spots they wear on their forehead and explaining all about them and what they were. She also told me about her nose peircing and that the indians believed that evil spirits entered the body at unprotected openings such as the nose and ears. This was prevented by adorning the openings with protective gemstones hence the beautiful earings and nose stud. Now some 35 years ago it was not common, unless you were of a race such as this to have nose peircings, but Oh! how I wanted to have my nose peirced! I never did, and regretted it. I did have my ears peirced as a teenager. On my 10th wedding anniversary (2 years ago) I was passing a shop which advertised doing nose peircings and I impulsively went in and had it done. I LOVE it, it took me over 30 years to get what I wanted, and though being a "grown up" I was worried what my mother would say, she just said "Oh, you've finally had it done then, when other kids wanted their ears peirced, you always wanted your nose done!"
I would advise anyone contemplating having their tongue peirced though to think hard, my sister had hers done and it cost her a lot more than the peircing! she had broken several teeth on the bar and the dental fees have been extortionate! she has now taken it out!
It is a matter of personal taste, but I am not sure that I would have a tattoo, it's too late if you change your mind, a stud can be removed
Be happy with or without adornments!