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Posted By: Uncle Jaque
27-May-01 - 05:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: Thanks Roll and Go
Subject: RE: BS: Thanks Roll and Go
Aye; A jolly good time was had by all!

We got a fair space on deck cleared out by about 4PM Saturday (05/26) and sea chests, massive rigging blocks (heavy, wer't they?) etc. arraged for folks to sit on in a roughly oval pattern amidst piles of rope (or is that "line"?), oars, flotation rings, binnacles, gun carriages, and about any sort of nautical bric-a-brac you could imagine. Festooned from the ceiling rafters were bos'un's seats, lanterns, ship's bells (which as Brian relates, we put to good use)etc. while saucy figureheads winked at us from the "masts", and buxtom, nubile mermaids of various sizes were to be spotted in abundance. In cases along the walls are a museum-like assortment of muskets, cutlasses, and memoribilia from the World over.

In this setting gathered about 20 or so (at one count) participants, a majority of us, I think, being Mudcatters. Of those I recognized or was introduced to, these included:
Kendall, Brian, Naemanson, "Darlin'" (one we don't hear from much, but who lurks around the 'Cat & keeps up on things - and surely sings/leads a bully chantey!)... "Jets", Charlie Noble, the Roll & Go Crew, and yes; our Beloved SINSULL made it all the way up from ye "Big Apple" with her precious cargo of Sacramental Mudcat Bourbon-Balls!!! We considered composing a song especially for her and this peculiar form of abrosia, but then... well... we sort of thought better of it. I guess Naemanson, who went to pick her up at the airport, was going around asking all women there who even remotely looked like they might be a Folk Singer : "Excuse me, but I'm looking for a woman I don't know...". This was made even more amusing by Naem's great, imposing bearish size and stature. Much to our relief, now that they have become aquainted, this scene won't be repeated any time soon!
There was the nice couple who came all the way from Ottowa Canada to share a few tunes with us... gee, I never knew they made such funny-looking guitars up there! But it sounded pretty good. And Brian kept smirking as Edmund sang that French ditty; kind of made me wish that I had a better comprehension of the language!
Shortly after we started, along came a jolly sport with a both Fisherman's cap and red beard (I used to have one of those), and eyes all a-twinkle. It turns out that this was none other than the instigator (or "excuse") for having this event here in May, "Great Lakes Tim". His fine Tenor voice contributed greatly, and Roll-&-Go led us all in a rousing rendition of "Fresh-Water Whaling" in his honor. I did a rather unrehearsed rendition of a song I wrote some time ago (and had pretty much forgotten) "The Old Morning Star" by his request - and he even brought a copy of the lyrics so I couldn't beg off on account of my forgetfullness! By the way, Jeri; I seem to recall posting those lyr. here some time ago; if ye cannae find 'em on a search, advise & I can post here or PM to ye.
I forgot the name/"handle" of the nice Lady sitting between "A'nt Mahtha" (My Wife Susan) and Kendall, but she was at the last one & I'm pretty sure is a 'Catter.
There was, actually, one "Mystery Guest" occasional contributor to this forum (who wishes to remain anonymous) in our circle for a little while, sharing in a song or two. Nope; my lips are sealed... but it was rather difficult containing my mirth when I observed who he was sitting next to for about a half - hour ! {8>}0~

No doubt I have overlooked some of the participants; my appologies in advance, and we hope that my neglect will be corrected shortly and that the roster will be duly completed.

A couple of Chanteymen (real ones, even!) who were conspicuous by their absence - and missed - included "Cranky Yankee" (wherefore art thou, CY?), Barry Finn (doing fine we are told, but a bit sung-out following a previous Sing and keeping to port until his rigging gets tightened up and squared a touch).
The much-anticipated appearance of the somewhat reclusive "Great One", Gordon BOK, did not materialize despite our fondest hopes. Making the best of this, Naemanson did a song of his that he would never have attempted in the presence of the fabled Down-East Chanty-Maestro himself. Naem' also rendered a most evocative recitation of a nautical poem at one point, which stimulated a conversation about that mystical bond between a Sailor and his Ship - especially the first one. Cpt. Steve, thoughtfully chewing on his clay pipe, shook his head slowly and remarked how "there wasn't a damn one of 'em he wasn't really glad to get the hell off of...." except perhaps one particular windjammer, for which he seems to retain a fond sentiment or two.

Brian, besides filling the position of 2nd Mate temporarily during "Strike The Bell", shared a couple of traditional Irish songs in Gaelic. That is such a pretty language; despite not understanding a lick of it, we do love hearing it spoken or sung.

Pizza was sent for, delivered, and consumed with great relish about midway along. Beverages appropriate for the occasion were enjoyed in moderation; I had been saving my last Guiness (pricey, eh?!) for the occasion, and it was well invested!

We broke up around 9:30, many there having many a mile to travel toward home port. Appologies to those I didn't get a chance to properly tender our farewell to. Perhaps there would have been more had this not been a Holiday weekend... but who knows.

C. Ipcar of Roll-&-Go advises that the 4th Sunday(??? - better confirm that with Charlie) of Summer Months starting in June, they will be hosting Chanty-Sings at the historical Munjoy Hill Observatory - which I certainly look forward to. Hope to see a full crew of "Catters there!