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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
27-May-01 - 05:38 PM
Thread Name: Help: WWII & Brit'Cat Musical Quesions
Subject: RE: Help: WWII & Brit'Cat Musical Quesions
Doug - probably not. Although there are still great reserves of strength of character, just look at the way some behave as soon as there is news of a rail strike, a post strike or fuel shortage. The share all attitude has become replaced by a f**k you, Jack, I'm alright attitude as witnessed by a woman in my local supermarket during the fuel 'crisis'. She had at least 6 loaves of bread in her trolley but still put up a fight for the last one on the shelf which was about to be taken by a woman with 3 children in tow and hardly anything in the trolley.

Bless 'em all may well have been written about the time of the play of the same name, which was WWI. 1916 would be about right, given the mildness of the language. The F version probably didn't become popular until after WWII, when it became more acceptable to swear in song. Funny how we now accept the F version as the original.....