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Posted By: MAV
27-May-01 - 10:11 PM
Thread Name: POL: A Salute to Jim Jeffords!
Subject: RE: POL: A Salute to Jim Jeffords!
You people crack me up. You'd think Jeffords became a democrat.

D'ashole bribed him with power but now that JJ didn't come through, he gets nothing. D'ashole said as much this morning on Press the Meat.

Personally I was glad to see the bastard go, he's not a moderate but just a whiney @$$ panty wearing liberal "Republican". The GOP gave him plenty of appeasement but he still made the inexplicable decision (self-serving political move).

But it may be a double cross, you might say he stomped on a big flaming bag of doo doo!

Now we have Specter the Defector appointed as "King of the RINOs. I'd just as soon see him take that rag tag bunch of "moderates" with him (including Mc*bleeping*Cain) and join Jeffords. The "Big Tent" ain't that damn big. (At least then we'd have a little more definition in the GOP delegation to the Senate.)

If he doesn't (which he probably won't) there's a nasty rumor going around that Zel Miller may unenroll as a democrat and return the balance of power in the Senate.

Meanwhile, a big Salute to Jim Jeffords for yanking the rug out from under the self important "moderates" by thrusting the GOP into the minority and requiring them to need only 40 votes to wreak major havoc.

mav out

PS A couple of polls from the Burlington Free Press:

Poll 1. (last week)
On Thursday, Republican Sen. James Jeffords will announce whether he is leaving the Republican Party. What should he do?

Stay Republican......50.1%
Become a Democrat....25.9%
Become Independent...24%

Poll 2.
On Thursday, U.S. Sen. James Jeffords announced he was leaving the Republican Party and becoming an independent. What affect will this have on Vermont?

Don't know.....3.3%

PPS...Enjoyed the Chanty sing, thanks.