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28-May-01 - 02:48 AM
Thread Name: Tune Req: Nessie
Subject: RE: Tune Req: Nessie
If you have trouble understanding Scotts, you're not alone. I hung out with the Gordon Regiment from Aberdeen when they were using the Stanford Gun Range for artillery practice, and I was stationed at RAF Lakenheath as an Air traffic Controller. I had some official duties with them and my Hillbilly group (The term "Country Music hadn't been invented then) did a couple of concerts for them. I couldn't understand one blessed word that was spoken, so The Regiment's Color Sergeant was assigned to go around with me as an interpreter, having spent most of his life in England, he was fluent in all the necessary languages.

Off the subject, Do you want to hear a story about me and the Gordon's Sergeant's mess? Of course you do.

Every evening I, ordinarily a tea totaler, was hauled off to the Sergeant's Mess and was coaxed, cajoled or whatever, into imbibing large quantities of Teacher's Whiskey. One of my band members who was more used to alchohol than I was, drove me home and poured me into AMQ 825A which was my home at RAF Lakenheath.
I decided that I would turn the tables on them. So, I invited the lot of them to the NCO club at Lakenheat and fed them "screwdrivers"

They thought they were drinking orange juice with just a wee hint of "some kind of alcohol" in them. The truth was, I had instructed the bartender to give them double shots of vodka in their "Orange Juice"
It wasn't long before the entire lot of them were wandering around RAF Lakenheath, showing anyone who was interested, exactly what they wore under their kilts.I had invited the color Sergeant to Dinner at my home. My daughter, Joyce, who was around 7 years old at the time, remembers waking up and seeing a Scot in Regimental Uniform sitting at the foot of her bed and singing"Wee Willie Winkie". To a man,. they all had hangovers the next morning, something they seldom experienced, and were out bright and early firing their artillery pieces at the range's targets.


Truthfully, I found them to be fine soldiers and very likeable indeed.
Jody Gibson