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Posted By: MAV
28-May-01 - 08:39 AM
Thread Name: POL: A Salute to Jim Jeffords!
Subject: RE: POL: A Salute to Jim Jeffords!
Dear Carol,

I don't know if it's a scientific poll or not.

What is scientific is the pendulum swing of the Vermont voters back towards the Republicans as seen in their legislature's composition after the "domestic partnership" legislation hit home.

I guess what gets me the most is the way Jeffords took advantage of all the Republican volunteers (kids and elderly) and contributors who helped his campaign, and the Vermont GOP who prevented a primary just for his benefit.

There's nothing kind, caring or compassionate in that kind of double-cross no matter in which party it happens.

This should have happened either before or LONG after the election.

It's no secret that the GOP and the US is moving to the right. One of the reasons for x42's popularity was his signing into law most of the CONTRACT WITH AMERICA. This has been but a symptom of that shift. There are many democrats who are also leaning conservative as can be seen in some of the recent votes. (Did you know David Bonnier is pro-life?)

It pleases me that the liberal Republicans have been relegated to the status of irrelevance (as they should be). I would think the democrats would like to have their party cleansed of those "rotten conservatives" as well so that their brand of ideology could be preserved.

'til next time,

mav out