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Posted By: MAV
28-May-01 - 11:47 AM
Thread Name: POL: A Salute to Jim Jeffords!
Subject: RE: POL: A Salute to Jim Jeffords!
To John P;

Hmm, I was enjoying this thread until Mav showed up

Well, this is a political thread isn't it? Its title implies that it is.

Mav, is there any way you could be a little less offensive in your posts?

Well, I suppose, but the title of the thread and the posted insults to Republicans was in itself pretty offensive, seems the tone was already set.

Your nicknames for our political leaders are childish and insulting

I'm sorry I called Arlen Specter "Specter the Defector" and Trent Lott a "Spineless Weasel". Of course your side calling W a "moron", "idiot" and worse should go unchallenged.

Then there's Justice Clarence "Uncle Tom" Thomas, Newt Gingrich, Judge Ken Starr and of course President Reagan, who's under constant attack and currently languishing in the grip of Alzheimers.

Why can't you just discuss things like a normal adult?

You mean like this?

And for that he has been absolutely pilloried by Bush, Lott, and their right-wing henchmen. Me, I think even the revised tax cut is still pretty much a sop for the rich, but I've still got to admire Jeffords for sticking to his principles

Now there's some DEEP thought....Bush and Lott are NOT RIGHT WING.

The idle rich barely get taxed already (I've explained that in detail), the high paid WORKING AMERICANS are who carry MOST of the income tax burden.

Jeffords has no principles, he's a foot dragging, self serving obstructionist as are most of the "moderates".

It usually causes you to come across as a reactionary.

So what? Someone has to challenge the left-wing extremists. n. an advocate of reaction.

re.act.tion n. 1. a return or opposing action, influence, etc. 2. a response as to a stimulus. 3. a movement BACK to a former more stable condition.

Since "reactionary" is the opposite of "thoughtful"

No it isn't, unthoughtful or thoughtless are opposites to thoughtful.

it doesn't give me much faith in any facts you try to present

Well that's a hell of a note, either they're facts or they ain't!

Mav is not an adult, John. He's a spoiled, opinionated, not too intelligent little brat throwing tantrums & trying to shock mom & dad

Now John, you don't suppose having that sort of demonization crap constantly said about you might get your dander up, do you?

and if you check back, often a lot more childish and offensive

Yes, in fact I urge you to research my posts and see just how offensive my OPINION is.

Here's the dirty little secret. It's not my vulgar language (I don't do that)

It's not that I insult individual posters (unless they have attacked me).

It really is my willingness to stand up to the demogogery, lying and mean spirited attacks of the caring, compassionate, tolerant and THOUGHTFUL liberal anti-Constitutional leftists found here.

When I make general (but true statements) they accuse me of name calling, I call it the "If the shoe fits" principle.

Actual name calling is more like; "GregF is a spoiled, opinionated, not too intelligent little brat throwing tantrums & trying to shock mom & dad.....childish and offensive", but I would never say anything like that.

GregF also says I'm...Best ignored & not encouraged- a lesson some refuse to learn

Yes Greg, you'd think you'd know better than to keep spewing your left-wing hate only encourages me.

Thoughtful enough for you?

mav out