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29-May-01 - 08:29 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: My Canary Has Circles under His Eyes
Hi Bristol Ted! I couldn't finish giving you all the lyrics this morning, because I had to dash off and teach an English lesson. I heard the song performed by Paul Downes and Phil Beer when they played together in the seventies and I always liked it. They recorded it on their only live album, which I think - let's use the polite expression - they are not promoting any more... The song was also recorded by George Melly with John Chiltons' Feetwarmers (I think that's what they were called - I used to have the album). I assume it's an American song from early in the twentieth century, but no doubt one of our American friends will put us right on that point. I just had time to type in the prologue and the first verse this morning, so I'll pick it up again at the bridge (which comes twice - with a different lyric the second time round)

There was a time he would be content to flit among the flowers
Now every time that I let him out he hides up in the tree for hours

(Verse 2) Instead of taking a much needed rest
He’s been flying off to some sparrow's nest
My canary has circles under his eyes

Birds of a feather the old story goes
But then with love nobody knows
My canary has circles under his eyes

He has no girlfriend - that I'm sure of
But he keeps on asking, "What's this thing called love?"
My canary has circles under his eyes

(2nd Bridge) He always looks so sad poor boy - he always looks so solemn
I wonder if he's in a jam - I look in (Squaffer's?) column

(Verse 3) He won't eat his birdseed - I think it's a sin
He won't even sing without a thimble of gin
My canary's got circles under his eyes

No doubt somebody can correct this version or come up with a more authentic one, but that's the best my memory can do. We Brits usually change that "Squaffer's column" to "Marjie Proops's Column". You should stick in whatever you think makes the line funny. Still, there should be enough here to make a usable version. Have fun.

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