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Posted By: mousethief
29-May-01 - 05:15 PM
Thread Name: Help: slow down
Subject: RE: Help: slow down
I'm going to risk the ire of all you mellow people and say that just what Americans don't need is somebody giving them another excuse for self-indulgence. We are the most self-indulgent nation on the face of the planet, and this is the most self-indulgent period in our history. We are constantly bombarded with messages saying, "Look out for #1!" and "you deserve whatever you can grab for yourself."

It's a sick way to live.

Yes, I believe in slowing down and taking the time to make contact with others, especially our loved ones.

But eating a triple-scoop ice cream cone hardly counts as "slowing down." Nor is it terribly praiseworthy. Do it every day (after all, every trip home could be your last) and you'll die years sooner, and have less time to spend with your loved ones while you're stuffing your face at Baskin and Robbins.

Okay, flame me and get it over with. I'm ready.