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Posted By: Joe_F
30-May-01 - 09:43 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Schnitzelbank
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Schnitzelbank
The New Song Fest has:

Kurz und Lang, und Schnitzelbank.

Lichtputzcher, Hin und Her.

Krum und Grad, Wagenrad.

Goldener Ring, Schoenes Ding.

Gute Wurst, Grosser Durst.

Herbergsmutter, Gute Butter.

Besenstiel, Automobil.

Herbergsvater, Gigger-Gagger.

Helles Licht, Affengesicht.

Mention of the Herbergsmutter & -vater suggests that this is a version sung in youth hostels. "Affengesicht" (monkeyface) would then be a taunt hurled at one or the other when he or she showed up with a lamp to tell the boys to shut up & go to sleep.

It is easy to imagine appropriate gestures to go with most of the images, perhaps creating Freudian allusions & adding to the hilarity. How the Schnitzelbank might fit into that scheme, I leave to the Freudians.