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Posted By: Sorcha
01-Jun-01 - 09:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: Where did ur name come from?
Subject: RE: BS: Where did ur name come from?
Dorrie, I really hate to be such a nit picker, but I personally really hate stuff like "ur", "r u", etc. Now, on to your real question.

I never really liked my "christian" name, Mary, very much, so when I joined the SCA (Medieval re enactment), they offered me a chance to change my name. I chose Sorcha niGhlais........which means "shining one who is the daughter of Mr. Green". My maiden name is Green, and I like Sorcha (Sor-kh-ah), so I use it now for a LOT of stuff besides SCA.

Lots of people pronunce it Sor-sha, which is OK too. I have ended up being Sorsh (sic)the Scorch..........who tries hard to keep her temper............uh, uh.????