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Posted By: marty D
01-Jun-01 - 10:25 PM
Thread Name: BS: Where did ur name come from?
Subject: RE: BS: Where did ur name come from?
When I first came around here, I was going to call myself 'Doc Jr.' Simply a joke honoring my musical hero Doc Watson. I was warned that some people would not get the humor and think I was actually comparing myself to Doc, rather than the hacker I was (I'm improving). Nobody actually calls me 'Marty' (it's always 'Martin') so I used 'Martin D' for a while, but then some people thought I was using a guitar model for a nickname. My brother Anglicised our family name to 'Dawson' (it's a tongue-twister in it's original form).....ah to hell with it. Once I DO learn to do justice to some of Doc Watson's songs, I'll go back to 'Doc jr.' but for the time being...

marty D