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02-Jun-01 - 07:12 PM
Thread Name: BS: Where did ur name come from?
Subject: RE: BS: Where did ur name come from?
"JODY" is the American spelling of GEORDIE, Which is diminutive for George, in the U.K.

iIn Geordie land (Newcastle upon Tyne) Northumbria. SO I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SPELL As I was saying before I got longwinded, In Geordieland, Geordie is pronounced, "JODY". So says that great Blues Singer and guitarist, Louis Killen (yeah, yeah, I know, I know, but, he is also one Hell of a blues singer. If you doubt this, next time you and Louis cross paths, ask him to sing some "blues", and tell him, "Jody sent me".

Louis Killen, God bless him, was my inspiration and mentor for my introduction to nautical Folk Music. After I met Louis, I spent many a day on sailing ships learning how to sail and later, learning how to be a genuine chanteyman.

Back to the subject at hand,

I think it's rather odd that so many couples are naming their female offspring, "George", as in "Jody Forster"

I get a lot of junk mail adressed to "Ms Jody Gibson" or worse still, "MS. JODI GIBSON". i KNOW, THIS IS A SEXIST ATTITUDE,BUT, IT JUST PISSES ME OFF. There isn't anything left that is exclusively male. Just ask Michael Learned. and just ask my kids if I'm a male cheavanist pig. Ask my wife, she'll tell you that if anything, I'm a Feminist. BUT THAT JUST PISSES ME OFF.

Actually, my name is really, Joseph Paul Katzberg. My friend Elliot Adnapoz, and I both decided about the same time, that in 1946, no one wanted to hear the kind of music we wanted to sing by a couple of guys named AdnapoZ and Katzberg, so he adopted a stage name, as I did. He became, "Ramblin' Jack Elliot" and I became "Stumblin" Joe Gibson. The reason for the name "Gibson" is that "Joe Martin" was speaker of the U,S. House of Representatives. Except for that I'd be Joe Martin, named after my guitar, but I had to settle for second best, which no longer is the case. Gibson guitars sound every bit as good as the most expensive Martin. I play a Martin D-28, BUT, it was made in 1964 when C.F. Martin III was president of the company, and they still knew how to make "the best guitars, mandolins, ukeleles and tipples". One instrument made by one person and of Brazillian Rosewood". I also play a Gibson J-30, which is a fine sounding guitar. I bought it, in desperation, when Martin wanted $1,600 to repair my guitar